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Patience Part II

Thanks to what’s happening in the world right now, a LOT more of us are trying to develop patience or apply our patience to certain situations. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business trying to buy supplies or renovating your home, waiting for materials to arrive. Almost everything is taking way longer than normal.

We eat out a LOT and as such, we get to know servers, managers and owners at some restaurants. They are having problems with everything from meat and vegetables to napkins and cups, not to mention finding employees to do the jobs. The people responsible for ordering the supplies are learning to order things on a different schedule and order more, applying their patience when things aren't quite normal. Customers are expected to be patient while new employees learn how to do things and/or experienced employees take on more work, spreading them thin. Some customers handle things better than others, understanding that nothing is normal.

As for home renovations (more on that later), everyone knows that they always take longer than expected, but it's even longer these days. For us, a three-week job turned into an eight-week job, and we are still waiting on the ceiling paint to come back into stock so some touch ups can be completed. The doors we ordered took about two weeks more than expected. The ceiling fans we ordered were out of stock but were shipped as soon as they became available. Outside of the main renovations scope of work, we are having three windows replaced. They were ordered August 20th and we are still waiting for them to arrive as of December 6th. Patience is definitely needed with home renovations, but this is beyond normal.

How’s your patience these days? Are you waiting longer for things you've ordered? What do you think?

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