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Giving Thanks (Again)

Wow! We've made it through another year and Thanksgiving (in the United States) is just 2 days away followed by Christmas a month later. It's a time when many families and friends get together to spend time with loved ones near and far. Different families have different traditions - some eat turkey (meh), some eat ham (yum), and some have both😲 or something entirely different🍕. Jeffrey Walter and I will be spending the day with each other and probably eat at our usual early lunch time, then spend the afternoon in a food coma. We will be having ham, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole and anything else I decide to make. We'll have plenty of leftovers too.

But here's the kicker - and something Jeffrey Walter and I have been thinking about for a while - some people really struggle this time of year. Not everyone will have family or friends to spend the day with and not everyone will have a big meal, if they have one at all. There are also people who have plenty of family and friends, but they get sad or depressed during the holidays for a variety of reasons, most often related to loved ones who have already passed on.

So, when you're gathered with your family and/or friends, keep in mind that not everyone has that. Count your blessings and give thanks for all you do have, even if things aren't perfect. And if you're missing someone, know that you're not alone - there are a lot of us who put on a happy face even when sadness is creeping in at the edges. Isn't it amazing how easily some commercials can make you cry this time of year?

What are you doing for the holidays? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What's your favorite holiday food?

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Now that's some tasty turkey!

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Christopher Tipton
Christopher Tipton
Nov 22, 2022

My family does celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we're having turkey day dinner at my #1 daughter's ex-in-laws. Everyone is still on good terms, so why not? I'm not as fond of turkey as I used to be. I prefer ham. I know we're having stuffing as #1 daughter brought the fixin's for that home last night as her contribution to the Thanksgiving meal. She's doing something else, but I forgot what that is. Her ex-father-in-law is the main chef and he is a great cook. He usually does a turkey and ham and all the traditional trimmings.

Christmas is a little bit pared down these days. When I was a kid it was a big deal, but now…


Kathi Sturm
Kathi Sturm
Nov 22, 2022

I love this article. So true! But I also LOVE turkey!!! Dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, squash casserole, mac and cheese, and the list goes on! (thus my Victorian era figure lol).

I whole-heartedly agree about thinking of others who are alone or feel alone. One of my favorite mealtime prayers goes like this:

Thank you Lord for this food in a world where people go hungry.

Thank you Lord for your peace and comfort in a world where people walk in fear.

And thank you Lord for friends and family in a world where people walk alone. Amen.

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