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Divided We Fail

(Today's post is from a Guest Author that wishes to remain anonymous.)

I am not a writer, but I want to put this down on paper so that in the future, people can read this and maybe change direction from doing something truly evil, like what is going on now. I don’t know where to start this but here goes:

There are things I have seen and heard all my life that seemed cliché like “it’s a slippery slope” or “if we don’t stop this now, the next time they will do something worse”. I didn’t understand why we had to take history in high school and I just thought it was some exercise to annoy me. But, as I got older, I started to hear people try to repeat things that were tried in the past and failed. I thought to myself, "Man this person is stupid. This was done before and it didn’t work, why are you trying this again?"

Unrelated, but relevant to my thoughts, there was an election back in the 90’s where I voted for this person for secretary of education for the state where I live. Later she was convicted of several felonies involving what she was doing and actually went to jail. I said to myself, "I want to be better educated in politics so I don’t make the same mistake and vote for someone like this again." So I started paying attention. I am a big Trekkie and understand how Gene Roddenberry tried to get people to think and use reason when they watched an episode of Star Trek. Many of the species mirror a society on earth in the past or present. One of them is the Vulcans. They made a conscious effort to change their society to purge emotions and embrace logic. Translation they have a well-developed BS filter.

Also, I was reading definitions of astrological signs one day and since I am a Capricorn, I read that they embrace logic. After that, I made it a point to merge the two and embrace logic in my life. These days, my logical mind is giving me a great deal of anguish with what is going on regarding the Covid-19 virus and “vaccine”. Nothing that is happening makes any sense - it's illogical.🖖Now it is at a point where it is directly affecting me and I stand to lose my job because of it. Others are losing their life over it. Blanket policies of requiring someone to get a shot are forcing people to get fired, or even being taken off a transplant list and risking dying from something that has nothing to do with the virus. I now understand why people risk their life to escape government persecution. Several hundred years ago people traveled by boat in the deadly north Atlantic to a land that had no infrastructure at all just for a chance to be free. Over the last 60 years people have made boats out of old trucks to try to escape Cuba just for a chance to be free in America. People walk 500 miles across a barren Mexico land to try and sneak into the US just to be free. A woman named Yeonmi Park risked her life to escape from North Korea, even becoming a sex slave in China then walking across a vast dessert and risking her life again to get to South Korea - all this before she even knew what freedom means. Freedom is that precious - precious enough to risk one's life. Little do those people know how much the government of this once free country is trying to oppress and subjugate its own people. The know they can’t do it all at once or you would reject it, so they do it one small step at a time. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on the virus or the vaccine, the way the government is mandating by executive order (much the way the king of England used to subjugate the people of England by decree) that we the people are ordered to get a shot of something we know very little about into our body is something that should enrage all Americans. The result of this decree (and punishment if you don’t) has scared CEOs. They fear losing government contracts for millions of dollars if they don't pass the decree on to the people that work at their companies. They are scared that if they abide by their own ethical policies their earnings will go down, causing their company's stock price to drop, which could make the board of directors fire them, then they would lose their multi-million-dollar salaries. Fear is the tool they use to motivate people to do what they want them to do.

I had a training class by my company where they said, “If it comes down to violating ethics or losing a contract, we will go with ethics every time.” Then they turn around and say if you don’t pump this drug into your body you will be fired because if you don’t we will lose these lucrative government contracts. They violated their own company policy yet when I reported it, I was told, "Well, that’s the way it is." I was listening to a story this morning about how hospitals across the country have created policies that say if you are not vaccinated then they will not treat you at this or that hospital. People say, "Well what about the Hippocratic oath doctors have to take that says they should do no harm?" The problem is the doctors take that oath, not the hospitals. All across the country, the minority is saying no to putting an unknown and unproven drug into their body, even when directed to do so by their corporate overlords. Policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, truckers, pilots, air ground crews, you name it from all walks of life, all colors, all races, all sexes, all religions, all ages. But what do you do when the government creates a policy that if you say no then you can’t participate in society? You can’t work to buy food. You can’t get healthcare. You can’t go to school. You can’t get on a plane. You can’t visit a parent in a nursing home. All this because you won’t take this shot. It’s tearing the country apart down to the family level. Kids won’t have anything to do with their own parents. Society is breaking down and we are being told, "Just get the jab and everything will be OK again." Will it, really? These people don’t care about you one bit. They don’t care if you lose your job. The way the wrote the executive order it is defined as you are quitting not being fired so you can’t even go on unemployment. That’s what they want because then they have power over you. They don’t care if you die because you can’t go to a hospital. "Just sit down, shut up and do what we tell you to do."

The real question is, "What’s next?" If they can order you to inject something in your body, what’s to stop them from the next injection being a poison? You will probably say that they wouldn’t do that. What if that poison is called a “vaccine” that would protect 90% of the population, but the other 10% it would kill? Is that really OK? Government makes policy for the majority not the minority. That was the reason this country was set up as a republic, not a democracy. A republic protects the minority. A democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting to eat the sheep for dinner.

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