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What next?

When you make a decision to do something, do you ever stop to think what happens as a result of your decision? In Six Sigma, you do an analysis of what can go wrong, and you do that with everything you do.

When you choose to get on a plane versus driving in a car, you are making a choice. Which one is safer? Which one will save me the most time? Which one will cost the most?

Yes, an airline ticket has its own cost, but what about the cost of the drive? You need to pay for gas, wear and tear on your car, your time, food and lodging (depending on the distance), etc. - the costs add up. Is it cheaper to drive or cheaper to fly? There are many factors to consider.

We all make decisions every day. Some are big and others are small, but they all make a difference in how our days go and sometimes how our lives turn out. So, ask yourself, what's next? What happens next as a result of this choice?

What are your thoughts? Do you just "wing it" or do you consider what's next?

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