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What doesn’t kill you...

There's a saying, "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger." Sometimes, I have hated this saying and other times, I have come to understand that it is true.

There are points in my life when I wonder how I managed to NOT end up in the loony bin. Marriage, divorce, birth, death - raising teens - it's a wonder anyone manages to stay anywhere close to sane, but somehow we do.

Right now, life is throwing both good and bad our way. It also seems like everything is happening at once - working a side hustle, a child getting married, living through a home renovation, expecting a grandchild soon and receiving some difficult news about a close relative. I have to do my best to focus on the positive, because dwelling on the negative is a no win situation. Call me an optimist, but no one ever said life was easy.

So, for now, I try to focus solely on what I can do. I make my list, work the list and remember that "this too shall pass." I also remind myself that I am stronger than I realize. We all are.

What has life thrown at you that made you stronger?

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