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Too Busy!

So, this past weekend was BUSY! And, when do I write? You guessed, weekends.

Well, I didn't get a new blog post written this past weekend, because I spent Friday running errands and staying out of my house that's under reconstruction.

Then, Saturday, I was running more errands -

  • Pick up tasting cakes for the wedding

  • Pick up cupcakes for the baby shower

  • Grab some lunch

  • Go to the alterations shop for mother-of-the-bride dress alterations

  • Pick up drinks for the baby shower

  • Pick up youngest daughter from the airport

  • Get home from airport and head to dinner

  • Eat dinner

  • Finally land back home

Sunday was busy too -

  • Pick up oldest daughter from the airport

  • Drive an hour to the middle daughter's baby shower

  • Set up for the baby shower (THANK YOU JUDY!)

  • Do all the baby shower stuff

  • Clean up after the shower

  • Drive an hour home

  • Go to dinner

  • Get home in time to go to bed

(I've gotta give a big shoutout to my sister-in-law Judy for doing a great job with the baby shower. She prepared an awesome Taco Bar and a super special activity.)

Now, it's Monday morning before 6am and I'm writing a quick blog post.

Time to get back to work. How busy was your weekend? Do you seem to be suddenly busy for weeks on end after things were relatively quiet for weeks on end? Is it just the ebb and flow of life?

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