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Society's Struggle for Equality

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Editor's note - please read the entire article before your form an opinion and comment. Also, keep in mind that the writer interprets words in a very literal way.

Why is it that some people feel that life is a competition and that someone must loose in order for them to win? The push for equality rages on in society.

100 years ago, it was women’s (legitimately) push for equal rights that started with voting, the nuclear family, employment and being business owners.

70 years ago, black’s (legitimately) pushed for equal rights.

40 years ago, gays (legitimately) pushed for equal rights for legal partners by law (marriage) and legal protections in health matters for partners. (There is an argument there as to the term marriage which I don’t want this article to go into because I don’t want the theme to be hijacked. That will be saved for another article.)

10 years ago, the gay argument added a bunch of letters to it so I no longer know what is acceptable because of it changing so often. For now, I'll refer to it as alphabet soup.

Before I go any further, I must make a statement - no one has the right to not be offended. The only legal rights you have in the United States are guaranteed by the constitution. That is not arguable so don’t even try. You can make up your own “rights”, but you can not force them on others without violating their rights and your “rights” do not trump their “rights”. In other parts of the world your mileage may vary.

And before I continue, I’m sure you noticed I left out the civil war. While in the United States many will argue the war was about black’s right to be free. Many others will argue about it being about state’s rights over federal rights. As usual the truth is somewhere in the middle and again that is not what I am writing about today, so I don’t want to get into that argument. Let's table that argument for now.

One of my favorite songs is by a little-known band named Rush. 🙂 It’s titled “The Trees”. Here is a link to the lyrics. (You may want to pause to read the lyrics then come back to finish the article.)

The last one with the alphabet soup identifier added something that hadn’t been done before. In order to push this agenda, it requires our language to be changed. Language was created for humans to have a conversation under the same basic understanding of what is meant by words. This has caused a confusion and divide in this country that doesn’t want changes of this magnitude.

I am the first person in line to argue for live and let live but only as an adult and don’t push your ideology on me and my family. If an individual is not an adult, then it requires the permission of the parents or it is a violation of the parents' rights. In the United States parents are legally responsible for what their children do until said child reaches the age of 18, somewhat like a ship's captain is responsible for what his/her crew does.

For the last several years I have heard nothing but "Let the science be the decision maker." This is where the alphabet soup derails right out of the gate. The confusion comes in with one side trying to change the definition of man and woman. Since the creation of language the definition of sex and gender were the same. Now one side wants to change the definition of gender and ignore the definition of sex or say sex doesn’t define what a man and women is.

Some will say, “What does it matter?” And for a lot of things, it doesn’t really matter. Where it does matter is when it starts to run into laws and the rights of individuals who do not agree. Where it does matter also is science. Science shows that for the most part (99.9%) humans have 2 sexes. They have chromosomes that show and define it. They are depicted by XX female and XY male chromosomes. These can not be changed after conception no matter how much surgery is created.

For a lot longer than my lifetime there have been separate bathrooms/locker rooms for females and males. Women call them their safe space where they don’t have to be worried about being sexually violated by men. Allowing any XY chromosome person into these spaces is a violation of women’s safe space. When you try to change the language without everyone agreeing to the new definition you can no longer have a conversation with the same reference to language.

Now, you are probably wondering where this writing has gone to and how it relates to the initial paragraph. The initial call for equality is good but after that equality is achieved it continues to push on creating an in-equality in society.

I have always had a problem with the term “affirmative action”. This phrase is used to get preferred treatment of someone based on a physical trait for which they have no control - they were literally born that way. In short, the result is it doesn’t treat all parties equally regardless of race, religion, color, sex, age, or national origin. It is oppression. The same goes for quotas for hiring and school admittance. The reason the United States was created as a republic not a democracy is to keep the majority from oppressing the minority. It gives the minorities the same rights as the majority. Giving a minority priority over a majority is oppression of the majority. It does NOT create equality.

This pushing on after the fact is creating a competition for a winner and by default a looser. People are losing with this continued push. Women are losing their safe space. They are losing opportunities for sporting achievements that drives them to get scholarships, and future job opportunities. Women are losing their culture of what it means to be a woman. Why do they have to lose for trans women who are really men wanting into their space. White people are losing because of “affirmative action” to non-whites because what? To me that's telling non-whites that they can’t compete at the same level. Why don’t non-whites find that insulting? Women are finding this trans movement insulting. Frankly I find affirmative action insulting to blacks.

If everyone is created equal, why does anyone have to lose for someone else to succeed? Why can’t we all succeed? Cutting the oak trees in order to allow the maples to grow hurts the oak trees. Teach the maple trees how to grow taller so all can get the light.

We need to stop listening to these people who make a living creating this division. Live by the universal golden rule “Do unto others as you should have them do unto you.”

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The Universal Golden Rule

What do you think?

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Jun 11, 2023

It was written many many years ago all man is created equal. Also History is just that History. Past history can not e changed it has already happened. (My opinion )

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