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RBF Much?

So, unless you're really naïve or you've been living under a rock, you know what RBF means, right? Just in

case you don't, it's Resting Witch Face, but you have to substitute a B for the W. Got it? OK, good.

Well, I came up with this subject while I was driving home one evening. I have a habit of looking around at various things when I'm in the car. Whether it's flowers or other drivers or whatever, I'm always looking around. (Yes, the passengers and/or hubby don't always appreciate this, but it's just the way I am.)

Anyway, on this one particular evening, I started noticing how many people in the cars driving past and around me had RBF. Some were mild, but some were pretty bad. These people looked miserable and seriously unhappy, and it made me chuckle a bit. Part of the reason why is because I know I've been that person too. Admittedly though, I am also one of those people who finds things humorous at inappropriate times, but geez these people need to get out of their own heads and find something to smile about.

So SMILE! That's right, I said smile. Think about it the next time you catch yourself with RBF. Are you really that unhappy? Life is too short to have RBF all the time, so just SMILE!

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(Yes, that's one of my cats and he has RBF mastered.)

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