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New Year

I make it a point to NOT make New Year's Resolutions, but back at the beginning of 2021, a few things changed in my life, and I found I had a bit more time on my hands each week. Meandering my way through January with that bit of extra time, I finally came to the conclusion that I could do some writing - something I do enjoy, and I could share it with the world - something I don't do. So, I took my website that I'd had for years, switched web hosting services (for a multitude of reasons) and revamped my entire site, then started with this article in late February. Since then, I've published one article per week. If that was a resolution, I guess I achieved it.

As I contemplate 2022, I can't really say I have any resolutions in mind beyond continuing to do what I'm currently doing - writing, reminiscing, cleaning, organizing and purging. All tend to be an ongoing battle of sorts - especially the cleaning, organizing and purging. While I try to keep stuff from becoming clutter, I have years of stuff I'm still trying to cull. (If you could see my office, you'd know that it's a real battle.)

On a positive note, I have really been enjoying the parts of my house that are organized and not filled with clutter. I look at those parts and think that I can achieve that in other places, so that's my incentive. I can see what I've already achieved and use it to remind myself that it's achievable - it just takes time and perseverance.

So, with that said, I have some clutter to tackle - especially in my office. When 2022 comes to a close, I hope to look back and realize that this resolution took root and grew.

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Why or why not? Did you succeed with your last one?

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