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My Inner Cave Woman

A friend of mine once explained winter weight gain by introducing me to The Inner Cave Woman. She told me that the Inner Cave Woman makes an appearance every year as temps start dropping. She meant that as chilly weather arrived, all she wanted to do was eat everything in sight to pile on the pounds to help her stay warm through the winter. I understood but it affects me somewhat differently.

My Inner Cave Woman has a different track - she wants to cook and bake, bringing the warmth and smells of the kitchen to the center of attention. She wants to feed the masses and herself. It becomes a struggle between eating too much and eating just enough, between cooking too much and just enough. Bites, licks and tastes (a phrase learned from Weight Watchers) while cooking and baking can really add on the pounds. Plus, it's kinda pointless to cook so much for just two people.

Another thing my Inner Cave Woman wants to do is sleep. We're talking here about the 8-9 hours curled up under the covers of a chilly bedroom, staying nice and cozy. (Who wants to get out of bed when it's cold in the house?) Then, once awake, just staying under those warm covers (as much as possible) for hours. Besides, why get out bed when it's too cold to do anything outside?

One problem, the alarm cat wants to eat, not to mention that the programmable thermostat makes it not so cold (which is good when you have to get up but not when you don't want to get up). So, my Inner Cave Woman crawls from her slumber to feed the masses (of 4 house cats and 2-3 feral fur butts).

Does cold weather make you want to gain weight? Do you have an Inner Cave Person? Do you enjoy cooking and baking in the winter? How do you spend your winter days? Do you have an alarm cat?

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The Alarm Cat Looking So Sweet and Innocent

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Kathi Sturm
Kathi Sturm
Feb 08, 2022

Great article! We have an alarm Yorkie LOL. I do love to bundle under covers in the cool house and enjoy the smell of home cooked food filling the air (thus my Cherub shaped body lol).

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