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Integrity. A quick search on the internet brings the following definition: "The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness."

Most people think they have integrity, but do they?

This week Claire Marie and I were watching a TV show about the life of politician when he was running for a high office. The day before the election a box of early ballots came into a voting precent. (Ignore the fact that this doesn’t make any sense.) Someone notices the seal is broken on it and reports it. Word gets back to one of the candidates and per their polling, this district votes more on the opposite side of them, so they assume this box is stuffed with fake ballots for the other side. They file an emergency injunction to get the ballots thrown out before the vote count the next day. It goes to court late that evening. Their lawyers argue to get them thrown out while the other side's lawyer argues to keep them. It gets nasty, as you can imagine, then someone says, "Let’s count the vote and see what we are arguing over." The judge says we already counted them, and the results are about 28,000 for the side that brought the case and about 2,000 for the other side. The 2 sides' lawyers look at each other and immediately flip their positions and start arguing the opposite way. The judge rules to keep the ballots as disputed but not count them unless the margin is less than the votes in the box.

Today the country has become so polarized that most people will side with whether the votes helped or hurt them as to whether they should be thrown out. Those people have no integrity. It doesn’t matter what was counted - the seal was broken, and you have no idea if they were tampered with in some way.

In 2020, the governors of most states changed the voting rules in their states by executive order because of Covid. The US constitution clearly states that voting rules are to be made by the legislative branch of each state. This was clearly multiple violations of the US constitution, yet it was allowed. What kind of country are we if we allow this to happen? What kind of country are we if politicians are allowed to break the constitution and federal laws without being punished? If you are willing to allow it because your person won, then you have no integrity.

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