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I was raised by a very independent (aka stubborn) mother who tried to teach me to be independent. Over the years, this has resulted in some pretty funny and sometimes precarious situations when it comes to do-it-yourself circumstances.

One of the first things I did after my first marriage was order a computer desk with an attached hutch and a 2-drawer lateral file cabinet. So not light weight. Of course, they came in flat boxes, and I had to put those things together. I'm sure you too have had your own share of experience in this realm. It's not easy, especially by yourself but I got that desk and that file cabinet together then set them up in my over-sized bedroom at my mom's house.

After her passing, I had the brilliant idea to move said desk and file cabinet downstairs. No, I didn't have any help and that desk had to be taken partially apart. I leaned on the wall and carried the pieces down the stairs, heaving and dragging the whole way. Yes, I broke one connector pin, and the desk was never quite the same, but I did it.

Then there are the multitude of bookcases I've purchased. I like books; therefore, I must have bookcases. I really despise those flimsy cardboard backs and it does seem that the smaller they are, the heavier they are.

Of course, we can't forget rearranging furniture. Shove the sofa here. Slide the giant chair there. Drag the piano to the other side of the room? No problem. I'm kinda stubborn like that. I think my daughters are too.

My office is always a work in progress, rearranging while constantly trying to maximize my storage space. I keep a step stool handy for climbing. Yes, the file boxes full of papers and heavy notebooks must be put on the highest shelf. Why would they go anywhere else?

I do ask for help, when necessary, but I'll at least try to do whatever it is first. As I age though, I'm beginning to realize that crawling around on the floor to assemble a shoe rack (or two) isn't the best or easiest thing I can do, but I'll do it, even when I have to take it apart to turn over a shelf that was put on upside down. Ooops!

And putting the file box on the top shelf of the 6' 3" rack in my office? Not a problem.

Why yes, yes, I do climb on that step stool in heels.

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? What have you done that you might should have asked for help doing?

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(Apparently, I'm also good at putting things together without having the correct instructions in English.)

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Christopher Tipton
Christopher Tipton
Apr 05, 2022


The weight and size of my furniture (and book collection) was a major reason I hired a moving company when I recently moved from a 2d floor apartment into a house. (you know this, but my explanations is for your readers). The other reason is I am old and arthritic. I sometimes think I'm still a hardcharging 22 year old Marine. Not. My #2 daughter is terribly overprotective of me doing physical work. Somethings I am reasonably capable of doing, but she still gets in my case, pushes me out of the way, and does it for me. Drives me nuts sometimes, but I love her to pieces all the same. 😍

I just put a heavy steel and…

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