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Ya just never know

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

As mentioned in a previous post, we discovered a mulberry tree in our back yard. It is one gangly, strange looking tree. We also discovered a little bush hidden amongst a mess of other bushes and vines that had a dainty white blossom on it. That bush was tiny but had rooted a second bush thanks to a rock sitting on one of its branches for a long time. The only thing I could figure was that it was in the Spirea family. (I sure wish I had taken a picture of it then.)

As we were making headway with the yard cleaning, we decided that those two little bushes needed to move. We had created an island around a couple of large Poplar trees and a single Gardenia bush in one corner of our back yard that we affectionately named The Crap Island. While the name isn’t indicative of the island itself, it gained its name due to it being the spot in the yard where we decided to move most of the random stuff and one (or two)-off plants. We moved a hydrangea bush that was in an odd spot in the front yard, then added several blue bells that had migrated to our house in a flower pot and some Stella d’Oro day lilies that we planted as edging. We have tried some other things over the years but the Easter-type lilies didn’t survive and the Peonies didn't get enough sun. The island also hides a small compost bin in the back.

Well, after nearly 20 years in the house and with the help of someone from a FB group, I finally identified it this year - Thunburg’s Meadowsweet.

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