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Will Drive for Food

Will drive for food. That’s our motto.

As noted in my last post, I love food. Jeffrey Walter and I grew up eating very different foods, but we both love food. That means we eat out a lot. Eating out makes it easier for us to satisfy both our sets of tastebuds and this has led to some interesting adventures.

Imagine getting home from work and trying to figure out what to do for dinner. You look at your spouse and ask, “Got any dinner ideas in mind?” You hop in the car, start driving and realize, plan A is too crowded, plan B just isn’t appealing, plan C is closed, plan D is… Well, you get the idea. You keep driving hoping for inspiration. Finally, you’re at plan Z because you’ve exhausted all other ideas, you’ve been driving for an hour, and you’re back within 3 miles of home.

Then there are those days that you get home from work early on a Friday and you have a hankering for your favorite restaurant on the lake. That is, the lake that’s like a 107 mile, 2+ hour drive away. Yep, we’ve done that.

What about long weekends, you ask? Well, we’ve made reservations at a cute little motel on a golf course in North Carolina. No, we don’t play golf. We actually chose this location because of a country cookin’ restaurant down the street from the motel.

Let’s not forget that craving for fresh seafood. The closest beach to us is Tybee Island, but that’s not what we had in mind. You see, there’s this tasty (albeit expensive) restaurant overlooking the Gulf and just so happens to be in the same place as our favorite vacation spot. It’s quiet. It all but seems to be forgotten and they have frozen daquiris to die for. Granted, we don’t make this drive on the spur of the moment – it is a 5-1/2-hour drive after all, but you get the picture.

And that’s how we came up with our motto – will drive for food.

Will you drive for food? What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven to get a tasty meal? Do you have a motto?

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