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Vaycay Baby!

Vacation. According to someone named Earl Wilson, “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” (I have been there many times.) Vacation can mean so many different things to different people. Some people enjoy sight-seeing across the country, trying to see as many places as they can in a limited amount of time. Some enjoy just visiting one town or place for a few days. Some go to other countries so they can experience other cultures. Some like going to famous amusement parks. Sometimes, it actually ends up being what some call a stay-cation, meaning you don't go to your work or job, but you don't go anywhere else either. We do a LOT stay-cations, which may be why actually going out of town for a few days brings so much excitement. My favorite vacation? The beach.

Our Little Secret

In looking back at my life, I've traveled to many places, sometimes staying several days in one place and other times just a short stop-over during a longer trip. I've also taken road trips and tours where we tried to see and visit as much as possible in the time we had, but the beach is by far my favorite place to go.

The beach is one of my happy places - one of those places where all the worries of my life seem to disappear, if only for a short time. I've been to many beaches in my lifetime - sandy beaches, rocky beaches and lava beaches. I've been to beaches in Florida, a few in Maine, at least one in Alabama, one in Europe, some in Hawaii and many others across the United States. I've even seen the White Cliffs of Dover. The beach is one of those places that I love. Don't get me wrong, seeing the country and other parts of the world is an adventure I am grateful to have experienced, but when I truly need "down" time, the beach is it. We even have a favorite and every time Jeffrey Walter tries to tell someone about it, I try to stop him. I don't want everyone knowing about it. I want it to stay our little secret.

Do you have a happy place? Is it your little secret? Do you want to keep it that way?

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Kathi Sturm
Kathi Sturm
Apr 19, 2022

Love it! Most of our vacations also include a beach. It's true "down time" for us. Enjoy!!

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