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Size Matters

Alright - get your brain out of the gutter - this is a serious subject - we're talking about food.

So, there's this trend we've seen lately of things coming in smaller and smaller sizes. I call them the Piss Me Off size. It started with potatoes. You know the ones. There's not enough potato to even peel the thing. Yes, I know potato skins are supposed to be good for you but not everyone likes them. Think of it like this - imagine putting some smooth creamy mashed potatoes in your mouth only to find a semi-crunchy or even just slimy potato skin, like a bug or something that's not supposed to be there. Then there's the French fry factor - there's no way you can make decent fries out of those tiny things.

It's not just potatoes - there's the salt shaker at the local restaurant. It's almost like they're trying to tell you that you shouldn't be eating salt. The thing MIGHT have enough salt in it to serve two or three customers. Imagine the restaurant staff needing to refill that thing every third customer. I'm sure they think they are ridiculous too. We even discussed it with a server and she said they hate them because they are constantly having to refill them.

Something else we noticed about these particular salt shakers is that the holes in them are too small for the salt being used - they need to put regular old table salt in them but it looks like someone put Kosher salt in it. Of course, that may be to keep them from having to refill them constantly, but you can't get the salt out of them. They are just in that Piss Me Off size in so many ways.

So, it's not just these things and here's where it gets really interesting. Pasta used to come in one pound packages. Now you're lucky to get 12 ounces. Ice cream used to come in 1/2 gallon (2 quart) containers and now you're doing great to find 1-1/2 quart sizes. The real kicker - the prices didn't go down as the sizes did. As the hubby says, "It's one thing to raise the price of tea, but don't go messing with my ice cream. It's pissing me off."

What food has pissed you off lately?

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Kathi Sturm
Kathi Sturm
May 18, 2021

Hilarious! I'm with you on the ice cream!

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