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Rock Gardening

Rocks are definitely prevalent in Georgia, but I seem to be growing them along with all the normal plants we grow, including the proverbial weeds. We've had a garden here regularly since 2012. During that time, we've been pulling out rocks and broken bathroom tile the whole time. This year is no different and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. Well, the pink tile pieces seem to be smaller but not any less common. And the strangest thing about the tile is that our house was built in 1961 and we're still finding it! (Yes, it is 1961 PINK tile and still in our main bathroom along with the pink bathtub.) The bad part is that when you're digging in the dirt and stick your hands deep into the soil, you run the risk of being cut by tile or a sharp rock.

What do you grow that's out of the ordinary?

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