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Random Thoughts

I've had a lot of various thoughts and questions running through my head and I can't quite come up with a single article from any one of them, yet. So, here are some random thoughts:

Why do some people call it a blessing and others call it a privilege? Is there a difference? If so, what?

If you don't like capitalism, why do you participate? Why do you have a job? Why don't you grow your own food, make your own clothes, heat your house with wood you procure yourself, do without air conditioning, build your own house, etc.?

Isn't barter capitalism in its most original form?

While most people are willing to help others, those who are unwilling to help themselves will never change.

It is easier to work within a system to transform it into something better than to tear it down and rebuild or start a new system from scratch. Destruction isn't the way toward transformation.

Not every job in the world requires an individual to leave their home to go to work.

Why were we allowed (and encouraged) to work from home for two years (and proved we could do it) but now those same employers want everyone back in the office?

Not every job in the world needs someone with a degree doing that job and it doesn't make the job any less important.

Oftentimes, experience is way more important than a piece of paper touting your knowledge. So, why do so many employers require someone with a degree to fill specific roles?

Why is it that women who chose to have a career without having children look down on women who chose to have children without a career? Wasn't feminism supposed to give women that choice? (That's a whole article on its own, but not just yet.)

When everything you've ever wanted is given to you, it's hard to learn to be grateful for what you have. Working for what you want teaches you to be grateful. So, why are there so many therapists trying to teach people about gratitude?

Sometimes we plant seeds for which we will never see the fruit.

Throwing money at a problem doesn't solve the problem. (Just look at what happens to the taxes you pay.)

All of these are thoughts and questions that come to mind. Sometimes, just one or two in day, sparked by something I've heard or read. Other times, every one of them hits my brain in any given day and it can be truly difficult to sort through all the diverging thoughts and questions.

What random thoughts and questions come to your mind? Are any of these thoughts burning in your mind?

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