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Pictures and Photography

My dad instilled in me a love of photography. He talked about how to frame photos and between both my parents, I received my first camera at a pretty early age. I can't remember exactly, but I do know it was a hand-me-down and I looked into the view finder from the top.

By the time I reached my teens, my dad gifted me with a 35mm film body camera and within a year or so, one of my brothers gave me a zoom lens for it. I was ecstatic. Only one problem, photography wasn't really cheap because you still had to pay to get the film developed and by that time (unless you took really good notes), you had no idea what settings you used on which picture. Another issue is that no matter how good you are at photography, not every picture is a keeper, but you still had to get those developed too.

In comes the age of digital cameras. Digital cameras are fabulous because you can take all kinds of pictures and just delete the ones you don't like, with no added cost of developing the film. Most people have built-in cameras on their phones, but you can buy cameras in all price ranges. The more expensive, the better the quality (usually). Along with looking at the picture properties on your computer to see what settings were used, you can adjust the color and turn a color photo into a black & white one.

Over the years since the introduction of digital cameras, I've stuck with the easy ones like my cell phone. On the other hand, I have bought a couple of nice digital SLR cameras for the hubby and recently borrowed his newest one. Since we take different types of pictures, it usually works out, but we may be buying a second body and just sharing lenses pretty soon. 😃 As it turns out, I've missed serious photography more than I realized. So, enjoy a few of the photos I took recently.

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