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Like, Ya Know?

Well, maybe you don't. Let me explain.

Have you ever been listening to someone talk because you were really interested in what they were saying, but you had a hard time following the conversation because they used certain words WAY too much?

OK, I know I do it too, especially when writing. I have a lot of sentences that begin with, "So."

I was recently trying really hard to listen to a podcast because I was truly interested in the subject matter, but my mind kept wandering. Like like like like like, ya know? It was like every other like word, ya know?

When this kind of thing happens, I sometimes start counting the likes or the umms or the ya knows and completely lose track of the subject.

I get it. Public speaking is hard. That's why I don't do it. 😰 Umm, it's like you really have to like keep yourself on like track so you don't like veer off on too many like likes, umm, ya know?

Ya know?

What's your overused word? Have you ever lost track of a conversation because the speaker used a specific word too much? Do you have a pet peeve word?

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