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So, Jeffrey Walter had to buy gas for the vehicle he uses to get back and forth to work yesterday. He hasn't bought gas since May 7th - right after he started going to the office again. His truck holds quite a bit of gas, so it always hurts when he fills up. Unfortunately, this inflation thing we're all dealing with has made it hurt even more. The cost to fill up his truck increased by just about 17.5% since he last filled up. Compare that to 2019 or 2020 and the price has more than doubled. Thankfully, he doesn't use much gas, but I wonder how all the people who do a lot more driving that we do are handling it. I think we may all have to go back to doing more work from home if this keeps up. Maybe that will help the people who have to keep driving.

What do you think? What are you doing to offset inflation in your household?

#Inflation #GasPricesSuck

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(Top picture is from June 13, 2022. Bottom picture is from May 7, 2022.)

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