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Finding My Way

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

So, as depressing as my last blog may have been, that's life - we all have ups and downs. Anyway...

As you may or may not have realized by now, I have like a bazillion ideas that run through my head on a daily basis. Getting those ideas down on paper (or computer) and in some sort of coherent order where they might be useful is a major challenge. Since revamping my website and beginning to write a weekly blog, even more ideas have started vying for attention, not to mention playing with some 3D cad software to envision remodeling a house or the cookbook I started trying to put together more than 10 years ago.

During the week, I spend four days working a “normal“ job as an accountant (I REALLY am), then I spend the other three days trying to get as much accomplished as possible with all those other things. One of the things I'm learning (maybe) is that I need the blog to focus (as much as possible) on one main topic as a way of keeping readers interested. Right now, I'm just not sure what that's going to be, so bear with me as we explore my musings together. I might even take requests. We'll see.

In the meantime, feedback is vital and welcomed - please comment below and share this blog with friends. I've also been experimenting with how comments are done, so some of the prior comments may not show anymore. I can still see them though and comments are appreciated. Thanks for dropping by!

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