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Chasing Squirrels

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

On any given day, my brain may have about 50 or more thoughts running through it. This week has been no exception. My brain has been all over the place and I've had a hard time focusing on any one thing, especially in the creative realm. As if that's not bad enough, I ended up taking about 7 and 1/2 hours to do something that should have taken at most an hour so you could pretty much say my brain is fried. Between household chores and running errands, I try to devote Friday to working on my creative projects. Today was SUPPOSED to be one of those days.

The day started off somewhat normal. I had a plan that included a restock run to Sam's after quickly setting up a new document scanner, then throw a load of clothes in the washing machine while I do a quick review of the checkbook followed by an afternoon of reviewing and sorting old photos in hopes of sparking another blog post. Well, that didn't happen.

I started setting up the scanner before 7am, thinking I'd be done in at most 30 minutes. At 7:30am, I had to grab a quick shower to get to the store just as early shopping hours began. Sam's trip done and back home to the scanner in under an hour. It won't work. I keep trying. I uninstall and reinstall both the scanner and the software. Nope. Not working. Nothing. I start researching problems. I go through all the trouble-shooting suggestions I can decipher. Still nothing. It's quickly approaching lunch time and I'm quickly approaching hangry. The hubby suggests a break and to get away from the computer. OK. Fine. (It's actually a good idea.)

In less than an hour, we are back from lunch and back to the battle with the scanner. I keep trying and as a last ditch effort, finally contact customer support via live chat. As I wait for a representative, I keep trying different things. I'm usually pretty computer savvy and when I bought a wireless printer, I had it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Not this time. By this point (not so patiently waiting), I've directly connected to the scanner through the wireless on the computer. Still nothing. Frustrating.

Finally, I get a representative who asks me a few questions, then gets me to run a diagnostic program that they can apparently see. When that's done, the rep says they're getting me connected to someone with more experience. Oh my!

Well, after about 15 more minutes of all sorts of try this, try that, share my screen via Zoom and all kinds of stuff, we determine that all I needed to do was connect my computer to the wireless access in my house, even though I'm connected to the home network via ethernet. Really? That's it? Yep. Still, I was connected via ethernet. Oh well, whatever, it's working now. Go on.

Now, where was I? That's right, I was going to write a blog post. I guess I'd better get to that.

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